So you're considering taking or completing your Project Management Institute-Agile Certified Professional (PMI-ACP, or otherwise known as the Agile certification? We are thrilled to be part of this journey while you obtain this major milestone. In order for you to understand what you're getting into, lets discuss some of the major pitfalls and some of the reasons why students do and do not complete their PMI-ACP. Some of the reasons they don't complete their certification is because it does take a lot of time. You will be spending between 40-60 hours studying and this study is going to be hard and it will require a lot of time from each individual student as this test is not one you accidentally take and pass. That's the first thing. The second thing is that people don't actually understand what they're getting into. A lot of people tell us that they've been a Agile project manager for 20+ years and that they understand this process inside and out. While we don't disagree, it's important to note that each individual person has their own unique, special lexicon or words that they use that do not line up with that the Project Management Institute is expecting you to know during the exam. 


Taking one of our bootcamps will allow us to re-baseline your understanding of what you think these PMI-ACP management terms are into what PMI expects you to know. That way, during the exam, you know the words that they're going to use. Because after all, this is a test on their words, not a test on the words you use. 


Why should you consider obtaining your certification?  Many students have told us that obtaining their certification has allowed them to apply and obtain jobs that were not normally open for them. If you look on certain websites such as Moster.com or Indeed.com, you'll notice that there are requirements for Agile certified professionals and one of which is to have your PMI-ACP Certification. Here's the great news, if you choose us to get you through the certification, we will be with you every step of the way. We're here for you with books, flash cards, live instruction, online instruction and we have a library of videos, over 20 hours of video that depending on the products you purchase will grant you access. It's like having one of us in your back pocket whenever you need us. 


Another reason why you should choose Your Agile Instructor is that we have the ability to get you from start to finish within a month. We've helped student obtain their certification from start to finish within two weeks. That requires a lot of study and dedication from each student but we can do it. The question is, do you want to do it? 


In order for you to get you certified, we're going to need you to be dedicated, we're going to need you to set aside specific time for uninterrupted studying, and we're going to need you to jump into this with both feet. We cannot have half-hearted desires and attempts to take the exam, as this test warrants a lot more attention than many students believe. If you choose us, we're ready, we're eager and the only thing stopping us from obtaining your PMI-ACP certification is you. So click the buy button, purchase our materials or sign up for our next class, and lets get you one step closer to obtaining your PMI-ACP certification. 


Once you obtain your PMI-ACP certification, you're going to be required to obtain 60 professional development units every three years. We're working on the ability for our online class that allows you to get your professional development units through us for very little cost and you'll actually be learning something you can use at your work the next day. 

Products coming very soon.

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